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Featured on this page are articles highlighting experiences of EV owners on the Big Island.

Charging a Tesla with a Fast Charger – If you’re a Tesla owner and would like to use the DC Fast Chargers that are popping up across the island, learn what’s required and what to expect.

2011 Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement – Read about our experience with the replacement of our LEAF’s battery pack.

Nissan LEAF Reduction Gear Warranty Repair – Do you notice a ‘clunking’ sensation when driving your LEAF? If so, consider having the car checked out. This post provides some insight into the issue and the required repair.

Conquering Steep Mountain Passes in a Chevy Volt – Cody Osborne explains his strategy DSC_5090of navigating his Chevy Volt between Kona and Hilo, over Saddle Road.

Learn how to use the Volt’s Hold mode and ‘regen’ features to make this grueling trek without breaking a sweat.


2017 Chevy Volt – Island Impressions – One of our east Hawaii members shares his experience with the new Volt. Check it out!