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To increase the adoption of sustainable transportation and reduce fossil energy dependence in Hawaii.


The Big Island EV Association is comprised of electric vehicle enthusiasts who actively promote the adoption of EVs on the island of Hawaii.  We educate the general public about the advantages of EVs – the environmental and cost of ownership benefits, and the superior driving experience – and address questions regarding purchase experiences, charging infrastructure, and ownership.

We also work on expanding our charging infrastructure. We collaborate with local government and business leaders, and charging station companies to encourage investment in charging stations across our island.


Noel Morin — President

Noel Morin is a Sr. Manager at eBay, a local business owner, and real estate investor.  He has owned a Nissan LEAF since 2011 and also drives a Tesla Model S. He is an advocate of eco-friendly practices and ‘fuels’ his home and vehicles with solar power.  Noel resides in Hilo.

Richard Castro — Vice President

Rick has been in the renewable energy field for the last 4 years and is the owner of a Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt. He has worked closely with 3 EV charger companies to locate and maintain their charging stations. Rick works daily to help people in Hawaii reduce their energy use and eliminate their electric bill.

Cody Osborne — Secretary

Cody is an enthusiastic EV advocate and Volt owner on the east side of the Big Island. He owns a Marketing Consultancy business in Hilo town. Interestingly enough, he’s lived in just about every “EV hot spot” in the nation – first Colorado, then Georgia, briefly in California, thenOregon and now, Hawaii. His thirst for knowledge in the EV sector ranges from the mighty Tesla to the minuscle iMEV, and even the Ford Energi twins. He writes occasionally for the largest EV news site on the web (www.insideevs.com), and will be blogging here every chance he gets. His thirst for coffee might even surpass his thirst for cars and electric mobility, but he welcomes anyone to talk story over a brew or two. Contact him via email at marketing@reelakamai.com

Emily Ebert — Treasurer

Emily Ebert has been in the solar electric field since 2010,  and has owned a Nissan LEAF since 2013. She has an accounting degree and works in sales and operations at an alternative energy company. Originally from Ohio, Emily has enjoyed living on the Big Island since 2004 and is an advocate for sustainability. “It’s a great feeling to power your home and car with energy from the sun!” (Ask Emily how.)


Lorn Douglas — East Hawaii Advisor

Lorn and his wife are an example of sustainable livig and “walking the talk”. They are on their 3rd EV with a brand new Kia Soul EV to complement their early Tesla Model S. An engineer by education, Lorn has determined that 9 solar panels run his Model S’ 1,000 miles per month. He is happy to communicate about solar options and EV’s. He can be reached at lornd@yahoo.com.

Jon Hayes — Web developer

Jon purchased Doug’s Leaf and thinks it is awesome. Like Emily above ^^ his PV system is sized correctly so that his house and car are now 100% solar powered. Jon is the Senior Lead Web Developer (full stack) at MVNP in Honolulu.

Eric Hayden — West Hawaii Advisor

Eric lives in Kona and owns a Nissan LEAF. He is one of the few Nissan LEAF owners who have traveled across the island – ask him about his adventures! Eric is passionate about sustainability – he is in the habit of frequenting and testing public charging stations in order to confirm their operation and follows efforts being mde to get more EV charging stations being installed in West Hawaii.

Eric owns Hawaiian Boating Adventures, a business that offers a variety of ocean experiences – snorkeling, diving, fishing, and swimming with wheels, dolphins and manta rays. Eric has over 30 years of boating experience here in Hawaii and is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain.

Russell Ruderman — Advisor

State Senator Russell Ruderman serves on a number of committees, including Water, Land, and Agriculture; Health and Consumer Protection; Technology and Environment; and Human Services Committees. He represents Puna and Kau on Hawaii Island.

Russell’s owns a Nissan LEAF and is an advocate for electric vehicles and sustainability.  He is familiar with the need for charging infrastructure and its importance in the adoption of sustainable transportation in Hawaii.

Douglas Teeple — Founder and Honorary Advisor

Doug is the Founder and former president of the Big Island EV Association. He is an early adopter of the technology – he has a Karman Ghia conversion and had one of the first Nissan LEAF EVs in Hawaii. Doug has relocated to Canada but continues to provide the organization with valuable guidance.


We are closely associated with Plug In America, the Electric Auto Association and the Maui EV Alliance.

Maui EVA
Electric Auto Association
Plug in America

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  • Justine Harvie

    says on:
    February 6, 2017 at 7:03 am

    Hi there,

    I am from Drive Electric in New Zealand – http://driveelectric.org.nz/- an organisation with the same goals as yours. Our Chairman, Mark Gilbert, asked me to touch base as we thought it might be useful to make contact to see if we can help each other in any ways such as through the sharing of ideas or useful resources etc. Please let us know if you are interested in keeping in touch. A skype meeting between our Chariman and your President could be a useful first step.

    Justine Harvie
    Drive Electric New Zealand

    • Noel Morin

      says on:
      February 12, 2017 at 2:17 pm

      Hi Justine,

      Thank you for the message. I’d like to keep in touch and figure out opportunities to collaborate. My email address is nmorin99@yahoo.com. Feel free to pass along to Mark.


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