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Desmog recently published an article that helps to explain the rise in negative publicity that electric cars are getting in the media. As expected, fossil fuel interests like Koch Industries are funding groups that are dedicated to creating confusion and raising doubt about electric cars. Desmog systematically connects the sources of misinformation and these powerful interests.

The article and the debunked video by Lauren Fix raises concern, but it also motivates. These attempts at misinformation are symptoms of desperation by industries (and billionaires) who have a lot to lose when the world shifts to renewables and fossil fuel-free transportation.

What can we do?

There are many things that we can do to help counter this negative influence, e.g., arm ourselves with facts so that we can quickly educate others about the benefits of electric cars; ‘walk the talk‘ (lead by example) – drive electric, reduce consumption, and invest in PV; support industries and companies that support sustainability; and share your success stories and experiences with electric cars.

Here’s the article: Koch-funded ‘Expert’ Attacks Electric Cars in PragerU’s ‘War on Cars’ Video

Image source: Desmog.com

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