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TechCrunch: China plans to ban sales of fossil fuel cars entirely

“China’s big electric vehicle push is about to get even bigger: The country is planning to end the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles entirely, with regulators working currently on a timetable of when the ban will ultimately take effect, according to Bloomberg”

This news follows that of France and the UK committing to end sales of fossil fuel vehicles in 2040. China has a significant number of vehicles and a large sales footprint “28.03 million vehicles sold last year”). They are also the world’s biggest carbon emitter (the US is second) so this is a significant development. It is also a call-to-action for manufacturers and oil producers – innovate and evolve or get left behind.

The following is a Chinese EV (BYD e6), likely the first one in our state. It was displayed at our recent Drive Electric Week event in Waimea.

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