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We all can help dispel misinformation about sustainable practices that is starting to circulate in the media. The following article (including video) that was published on EcoWatch calls attention to “dark money”-inspired propaganda that is designed to confuse the public and sway it away from electric vehicles. It makes false claims about the environmental impact of electric vehicles and suggests that fossil fuel vehicles are a better option. We know better but need to play a bigger part in helping others who are not aware and might be swayed by this propaganda.

The video in question was created by “Fueling U.S. Forward”, a Koch funded non-profit that is dedicated to preserving our dependence on fossil fuels. It’s inevitable that we’ll see even more desperate measures as consumers here and abroad opt for sustainable energy and transport.

Take a moment to read the EcoWatch article (a repost of a DeSmogBlog article) and view the 2 minute video. This will help you understand the nature of the propaganda and our role in educating others about the benefits of EVs.

Koch Brothers Launch Attack to Kill Electric Cars

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